About us

        Hello, and welcome to Rain Kindness. We are Kate and Samantha, and we created Rain Kindness to show the impact that one small act of kindness can make. Rain Kindness was created for our mitzvah project to not only spread kindness but give others help to do the same. 

        One day, our mom came home telling us about a woman she passed caught in a sudden downpour. She told us how bad she felt about not being able to find an umbrella to give her, and that sparked the idea of Rain Kindness.  Whenever it is raining, we drive through town with a pile of umbrellas in our car, looking for other people in need of a little sunshine. 

        When someone receives one of our umbrellas, we give them a perfect opportunity to pay it forward to someone in need. We hope that by helping people with small acts of kindness, it will grow into something much bigger. A little kindness can go a long way. Stay dry, and pass it on.

                                      Thanks, Kate and Samantha